Updating Your Scanner's Firmware

In order to use the newest features and forms with your Apperson scanner you will need to update the scanner's firmware. The process takes only a few minutes and can be done from within your copy of the NASP Scanning Interface.
With the scanner turned on and connected to your computer start the NASP Scanning Interface application. Once the application starts select Update Scanner Firmware..., from the Help menu.
When the firmware updater first starts it checks the internet for updated firmware files. If newer files are available you will be prompted to download them. Click the Yes button to download the files.
If it's possible to update your scanner's firmware you will be told so. Click the Update button to begin updating your scanner.

A progress bar updates as the new software is loaded into your scanner. The process takes between one and two minutes.
When the update is complete you will be prompted to close the firmware updater and to restart your application.

That's it!