Item Analysis

This report provides summary and statistical data about the test, as well as detailed information about each question on the test.

Sections in the Item Analysis report

1. Report Header -
General information about the test is shown in this section of the report.

2. Counts -
The count of the number of students that bubbled in each response is shown here. Correct responses are shown in red italics.

3. Blanks - If any responses were left blank a check mark is shown here.

4. Multiple Marks - If any forms contained multiple mark a check is shown here. A multiple mark is counted when more than one bubble is filled in for a question.

5. Point Biserial - The point biserial value for the question is displayed here.

6. Correct Count - A count of the number of times this question was answered correctly is shown here.

7. Percent Incorrect - The number of students that answered this question incorrectly is shown in a bar graph here.