The PowerTeacher gradebook export will export the results from DataLink in the PowerTeacher template format.

Working with PowerTeacher is a two step process, first you use DataLink to create a file in PowerTeacher format. After creating the file you open PowerTeacher and import the file.
Export Data From DataLink (Step 1)
Click the Gradebook Export button on DataLink's toolbar to initiate the gradebook export.

1) Enter the Assignment Name. This is optional, if left blank a warning will be issued when importing into PowerTeacher.
2) Choose the format that you use for scoring in PowerTeacher.
3) The name and path to the export file is shown here. Click the
Change button to choose a different location and/or file name for your exported file.
4) When you click the Export button the file will be created using the PowerTeacher Score Template format in the location shown in the
Export File box.
Import the Exported Data Into PowerTeacher (Step 2)
In PowerTeacher click the assignment you want to import the scores into. Then from the main menu select Tools, Import Scores. You'll be prompted to select the file that contains the scores - select the Export File you created in step 4 above. The name and path to the export file is shown in the text box labeled 3 in the image above.
After you select the file to import PowerTeacher will show you the Import Scores window.

1) Make certain that PowerTeacher Score Template is chosen.
2) Uncheck the box next to Validate Student Names
3) Choose either Points or Percentage as the File Score Type. You set this when you exported the data in the first step.
4) When you're satisfied with your choices click the
Next... button.
You will be shown a summary of the import.

1) The total number of test scores to be imported is shown here. Don't be alarmed if the total number of scores being imported is less than the total.

2) If the assignment name was left blank or is different from the assignment you are importing into you will receive a warning. This is normal, check the box next to
Continue to Import? if it's not already checked.

3) Click the
Import button to import your scores.

Tip: Before exporting in PowerTeacher format you’ll need to set the default gradebook to PowerTeacher in Preferences (OSX) or Options (Windows).